Aknaproff Ltd. is Estonia private capital formation company which is established in year 2010. Companys primary industery is plastic windows, doors and facades producting and marketing of quality products and specialists consulting and providing services. Aknaproff Ltd. employees have long work experience in Estonias former leading windows manufacturing company what provides products and services at the professional level of knowledge. Aknaproff Ltd. offers PVC windows from three different profile systems: Rehau Euro – Design 70,             Geneo Plus and Nordic Plus. Consistent upgrades of production technology, staff experience and the knowledge of various profile systems have ensured sustained high quality products, which Aknaproff Ltd. wishes to offer to our customers. In addition of PVC windows we offer: wood, wood-aluminium and aluminium windows, doors and facades. Our production tehnology can product up to 100 PVC windows per day.   Best Regard! Aknaproff Ltd.